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Shaoxing Allway Nano Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise providing color services and custom nano-functional materials for coatings, inks, textiles, paper, stationery, latex, cosmetics and other applications.
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, located in Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone,Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang Province,China.The company is a professional manufacturer of nanometer grade transparent iron oxide pigment, highly concentrated solvent based dispersion ,environment-friendly water-based dispersion and all kinds of functional pigment dispersions, providing customers with various colors and formula solutions. In conformity with the market-oriented, customer-centric business philosophy, relying on continuous innovation and  Personalized service to maintain the core competitiveness of the company.
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We provide quality products and services to customers from all over the world.
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The company has a technical team composed of senior chemical and material engineers and young engineers, and has established extensive cooperative relations with domestic universities and scientific research institutions, and is committed to the development of nanomaterials and the development of application fields.
TStrict and systematic raw material procurement process and system, efficient and transparent management system, one-stop factory direct sales mode for domestic sales and export.
We have our own laboratories and the advanced testing and production equipment in the industry. The quality of our products can completely replace similar products from major international companies such as BASF and VENATOR. We have received confirmation and cooperation support from many major international customers.
Pigment Powder and various color pastes for different systems (solvent-based and water-based), customized services with samples, brand processing, new application field development, joint research and development of new products and materials, etc.
ur annual output of powder exceeds 1500 tons, and the production capacity of color paste is 2500 tons, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchases.
Uniform neutral mark packaging or mark packaging according to customer requirements, powder: 25KG kraft paper bag packaging (with inner bag) on pallets, 1000KG per pallet, 20 tons/20FCL. The pallet is a wooden fumigation pallet or a plastic pallet. Water-based colorant: 25KG/50KG plastic drum, 600KG/900KG per pallet, 18MTS/20FCL. Solvent based colorant: 25KG/50KG iron drum, 600KG/900KG per pallet, 18MTS/20FCL
WBased on high-end market demand, products meet international standards, integrated production and sales, perfect after-sales service, and provide customized services based on samples, solve customer technical problems, provide customers with technical support and formula solutions, all services are For the purpose of satisfying customers. Products have been sold to every corner of the world, mainly exported to Germany, Britain, Italy, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, India, Egypt, and other countries;
Facing the international metropolis Shanghai across the sea, it is located between Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province, and Ningbo, a port city. Exports by sea are mainly shipped from Ningbo and Shanghai ports, and by air, they are shipped from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport or Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
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Application of Iron Oxide Pigments in Functional Nanocoatings
Nano-coatings have broad market prospects, which can not only greatly improve the performance of traditional nano-coatings, but also obtain new functions, such as improving the storage stability of coatings, weather resistance, and enhancing the strength, hardness, wear resistance, and scratch resistance of coatings. Equivalent mechanical properties, there will be a variety of excellent properties. But we should not over-hype and expand, but should be practical. Domestic nano-coatings have just started, basically still in the laboratory stage. The following is a brief introduction to nano-coatings related to iron oxide pigments. (1) Military stealth coatings: Some nano-oxides (Fe2O3ZnONiO2MoO2) have a strong attraction to electromagnetic waves. After compounding them with organic coatings, military stealth coatings can be obtained. Used in aircraft, aircraft, submarines, ships and other weapons and equipment, it can greatly improve their combat survivability. Compared with other stealth materials, it has the advantages of absorbing frequency bandwidth, lightweight and thin thickness. A lot of skills in stealth. (2) Electrostatic shielding coating: Using the electrostatic shielding properties of nanoparticles, electrostatic shielding coatings can be prepared for electrostatic protection of home appliances. The color of the antistatic coating can be adjusted by selecting different nanoparticles (Fe2O3ZnONiO2MoO2). (3) Thermal insulation coating: The thermal insulation coating prepared by compounding nano-particles such as Fe2O3 with infrared absorption and reflection properties with organic coatings can be widely used in glass curtain walls, automotive glass, offshore drilling platforms, oil tanks, Insulation of oil pipelines, automobiles, trains, aircraft surfaces, ship hulls, decks, tanks, warships, spacecraft surfaces, etc. ⑷Nano self-repairing paint: This kind of paint is especially suitable for the preparation of high-grade car paint. Since the surface coating of the car is unavoidable from scratches by foreign objects or man-made damage during the use of the car, these small scars are repaired by conventional methods. It is easy to cause mottled, and if a large area is repaired, it will be time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is very uneconomical. The use of nanotechnology to make automotive coatings have the self-repairing ability can greatly improve the grade of existing automotive coatings. ⑸ Atmospheric purification coating: The surface of nanoparticles has high catalytic properties, which can be used to make atmospheric purification coatings, such as anatase TiO2 organic binders, pigments and fillers (such as Fe2O3) and other composite coatings. The NOX in the paint has a good photocatalytic effect and can be coated on the surfaces of highways, bridges, buildings, and billboards. The atmospheric purification properties of this paint are regenerated by the erosion of rainwater. ⑹Other functional nano-coatings: magnetic coatings (application of nano-particles such as Fe3O4), infrared stealth coatings, luxury car topcoats with angular discoloration, etc. Shaoxing Allway Nano Technology Co., Ltd. is a Transparent Iron Oxide Manufacturers and Transparent Iron Oxide Pigment and other products, welcome to visit our official website.
Specific Applications of Transparent Iron Oxide Pigment
Transparent iron oxide pigments are currently most used in automotive paints and wood paints and have been widely used in architectural coatings, industrial coatings, as well as plastics, nylon, rubber, printing inks, art coatings, cosmetics, powder coatings and other fields. Transparent iron oxide has the characteristics of excellent weather resistance, ultraviolet absorption, high transparency and strong tinting strength so that when the pigment is mixed with organic transparent pigments and dyes, it can not only enrich the color of the pigment, but improve the chroma, but also can significantly improve the color of the pigment. To improve the shortcomings of the poor weather resistance of organic transparent pigments and dyes when used alone. 1. The most typical characteristics of transparent iron oxide pigments for automotive paints are to improve the weather resistance, transparency and ultraviolet absorption properties of paints, so they are very suitable for automotive paints. In oily and water-based systems, they can be combined with aluminum pigments and pearl powder to produce a golden yellow effect; and The combination of organic transparent pigments can bring out various transparent paints. When mixed with organic pigments, transparent iron oxide yellow and phthalocyanine blue can be combined to obtain different colors ranging from gold to green, while iron red and brown can be combined with organic red to formulate products such as blue or dark blue. Second, wood paint UV is the culprit in destroying wood, and transparent iron oxide pigments can strongly absorb UV radiation, so as to protect the wood, make the wood have a coloring effect, and keep the wood's natural texture and soft color, so it is very suitable for Wood furniture paint. 3. The high transparency, high tinting strength and strong absorption of ultraviolet light of plastic coloring transparent iron oxide pigments make it continue to increase in plastic applications. It is both a colorant and an ultraviolet shielding agent. A plastic container with good transparent coloration and protection for UV-sensitive items in the container. For example, it is used in PET or PP to make beverage cans and medicine bottles. 4. Industrial Coatings Coatings containing transparent iron oxide pigments can create attractive golden and copper-colored effects in metal applications, and are very suitable for interior and exterior finishing of packaging cans. 5. Printing ink The color of water-based or oil-based transparent iron oxide dispersion is similar to that of organic pigments and transparent dyes. It is suitable for aluminum tube printing. At the same time, due to the successful application of automotive coatings, it can be used to produce various colors of printing inks with a metallic glitter effect. 6. Art paint Including metallic flash paint (oil-based or water-based dispersion), fisherman paint, hammer red paint, etc. Due to the long-term weather resistance of transparent iron oxide, the art color can be preserved for a long time. 7. Cosmetics The non-toxicity and ultraviolet light absorption ability of transparent iron oxide are very suitable for the cosmetic industry (aqueous dispersion). 8. Powder coating When the temperature of transparent iron oxide is 130-200 ℃, the color does not change within 5-20 minutes, so it can be used for powder coating. 9. Dispersion method To fully demonstrate its transparency and tinting strength, transparent iron oxide pigments must be completely dispersed. Due to the small size of the transparent iron oxide particles, a strong interfacial force is generated between the particles, and it is difficult to disperse the particles tightly together. The ideal dispersion effect depends on the dispersion process and equipment. The first stage of the dispersion process is to select appropriate binders and dispersing aids, wet the pigment surface to make a dispersion, and then select suitable equipment for grinding. Ball mills can be used to disperse systems with relatively low viscosity, but sand mills (including glass, steel, and zirconia beads) are more suitable. For some high viscosity systems such as pastes with high pigment content, a three-roller machine should be used. After sufficient dispersion (generally, the fineness is below 5μm), the excellent properties of transparent iron oxide can be exhibited. Shaoxing Allway Nano Technology Co., Ltd. not only has Transparent Iron Oxide Pigment but also Solvent Based Pigment Paste and other products, welcome to visit our official website.