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Specific Applications of Transparent Iron Oxide Pigment

Transparent iron oxide pigments are currently most used in automotive paints and wood paints and have been widely used in architectural coatings, industrial coatings, as well as plastics, nylon, rubber, printing inks, art coatings, cosmetics, powder coatings and other fields. Transparent iron oxide has the characteristics of excellent weather resistance, ultraviolet absorption, high transparency and strong tinting strength so that when the pigment is mixed with organic transparent pigments and dyes, it can not only enrich the color of the pigment, but improve the chroma, but also can significantly improve the color of the pigment. To improve the shortcomings of the poor weather resistance of organic transparent pigments and dyes when used alone.

1. The most typical characteristics of transparent iron oxide pigments for automotive paints are to improve the weather resistance, transparency and ultraviolet absorption properties of paints, so they are very suitable for automotive paints. In oily and water-based systems, they can be combined with aluminum pigments and pearl powder to produce a golden yellow effect; and The combination of organic transparent pigments can bring out various transparent paints. When mixed with organic pigments, transparent iron oxide yellow and phthalocyanine blue can be combined to obtain different colors ranging from gold to green, while iron red and brown can be combined with organic red to formulate products such as blue or dark blue.

Second, wood paint UV is the culprit in destroying wood, and transparent iron oxide pigments can strongly absorb UV radiation, so as to protect the wood, make the wood have a coloring effect, and keep the wood's natural texture and soft color, so it is very suitable for Wood furniture paint.

3. The high transparency, high tinting strength and strong absorption of ultraviolet light of plastic coloring transparent iron oxide pigments make it continue to increase in plastic applications. It is both a colorant and an ultraviolet shielding agent. A plastic container with good transparent coloration and protection for UV-sensitive items in the container. For example, it is used in PET or PP to make beverage cans and medicine bottles.

4. Industrial Coatings Coatings containing transparent iron oxide pigments can create attractive golden and copper-colored effects in metal applications, and are very suitable for interior and exterior finishing of packaging cans.

5. Printing ink The color of water-based or oil-based transparent iron oxide dispersion is similar to that of organic pigments and transparent dyes. It is suitable for aluminum tube printing. At the same time, due to the successful application of automotive coatings, it can be used to produce various colors of printing inks with a metallic glitter effect.

6. Art paint Including metallic flash paint (oil-based or water-based dispersion), fisherman paint, hammer red paint, etc. Due to the long-term weather resistance of transparent iron oxide, the art color can be preserved for a long time.

7. Cosmetics The non-toxicity and ultraviolet light absorption ability of transparent iron oxide are very suitable for the cosmetic industry (aqueous dispersion).

8. Powder coating When the temperature of transparent iron oxide is 130-200 ℃, the color does not change within 5-20 minutes, so it can be used for powder coating.

9. Dispersion method To fully demonstrate its transparency and tinting strength, transparent iron oxide pigments must be completely dispersed. Due to the small size of the transparent iron oxide particles, a strong interfacial force is generated between the particles, and it is difficult to disperse the particles tightly together. The ideal dispersion effect depends on the dispersion process and equipment. The first stage of the dispersion process is to select appropriate binders and dispersing aids, wet the pigment surface to make a dispersion, and then select suitable equipment for grinding. Ball mills can be used to disperse systems with relatively low viscosity, but sand mills (including glass, steel, and zirconia beads) are more suitable. For some high viscosity systems such as pastes with high pigment content, a three-roller machine should be used. After sufficient dispersion (generally, the fineness is below 5μm), the excellent properties of transparent iron oxide can be exhibited.

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Specific Applications of Transparent Iron Oxide Pigment

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