AWU-6 series solvent based color paste

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AWU-6 series solvent based color paste

AWU-6 series solvent based color paste



Mainly used in all kinds of industrial paint, wood paint. Phase soluble in acrylic acid, polyester, polyurethane, epoxy, silicon, medium and short oil alkyd, fluorine, vinyl ester resin and other medium and high grade system and UV system.

Product Cod  Color Color Index No. Solid  content% Light Fastness Weather resistance Heat Resistance
AWU-611 Black P.BK.7 46±3 8 5 450
AWU-621 White P.W.6 78±3 8 5 200
AWU-631 Yellow P.Y.14 47±3 6 3 160
AWU-632 Yellow P.Y.83 47±3 7 4 180
AWU-633 Yellow P.Y.151 46±3 7-8 4 200
AWU-641 Red P.R.48:3 46±3 5 2-3 200
AWU-642 Red P.R.170 55±3 7 4 200
AWU-643 Red P.R.122 50±3 7-8 4-5 200
AWU-644 Red P.R.254 55±3 7-8 4-5 200
AWU-651 Orange P.O.34 37±3 6 3-4 180
AWU-662 Blue P.B.15:3 50±3 7-8 4-5 200
AWU-671 Green P.G.7 52±3 7-8 4-5 200
AWU-681 Violet P.V.23 47±3 7 4 200

About Allway Nano

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Shaoxing Allway Nano Technology Co., Ltd. is China AWU-6 series solvent based color paste suppliers and OEM/ODM AWU-6 series solvent based color paste company, located in Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone,Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang Province,China. In conformity with the market-oriented, customer-centric business philosophy, relying on continuous innovation and timely service to maintain the core competitiveness of the company.
Compared with domestic similar production enterprises, it has obvious advantages such as advanced production technology, high management level and excellent product quality. The company has senior engineers in chemical engineering and materials, a technical team composed of young engineers, and has established extensive cooperative relations with domestic universities and research institutes. The company has internationally production equipment and testing equipment, and the products produced have high scientific and technological content. Welcome all customers to come to guide the work and seek common development.
Shaoxing Allway Nano Technology Co., Ltd. is a enterprise providing color services and custom AWU-6 series solvent based color paste for coatings, inks, textiles, paper, stationery, latex, cosmetics and other applications. Specializing in the production of various types of environmentally friendly water-based color paste, nano-scale water-based color paste and nano-functional materials. The main products are water-based wood lacquer, AW series color paste for industrial paint, universal color paste, high-light color paste, water-based metal series paste, LSB series color paste and SB series color paste, which can provide customers with color solutions and provide Customization of functional nano-materials. After years of research and development, the products have mature production technology, stable quality and quality, and the quality has reached the international first-class level. The nano-scale transparent iron oxide pigment produced by the company is an inorganic pigment with extremely small pigment particles, including a short axis of 8-10 nm and a long axis of 60-80 nm, belonging to nano-crystals. The tiny nano-original particle size makes the scattering and absorption of light significantly different from the traditional opaque iron oxide pigment, so the company's transparent iron oxide has a very bright coloring property, which changes the dark colouring performance of ordinary iron oxide.

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